Blonde in the Belly of the Beast: The Left’s Exploitation of Blacks and Icky Statistics

BBB offers a thought provoking view here.  Let me summarize it first.

The hostile climate of race relations today is the result of decades of smart white people taking advantage of dumb black people.  Beyond indicating “population control,” BBB doesn’t specify the smarter white people’s motives, but presumably they are political: the smart white people (liberals) want the votes of the dumb black people in order to stay in power, so they bribe them with addictive social welfare programs.  These addictive programs work by fostering dependency, and they do this through a vicious cycle of reinforcement and expectations: receiving some aid makes the dumb black people naturally expect more (apparently they are greedy too), so as long as the smart white people are the ones meeting those expectations, the dumb black people have little choice but to depend on them, and thus vote for them, thus giving white people the power they need to implement even more social welfare programs, which cements their hold over these gullible, dumb black people and insures their votes for years to come.  According to BBB, this cycle has been going on for decades, and the dumb black people are apparently so dumb that they don’t even realize that this unholy tradeoff of welfare for votes is tearing their communities apart.  Now, after decades of incarceration (their ignorance makes them more prone to crime), single motherhood (70% of their babies are born into it), and abortion (40% of their pregnancies end in it), the decimation proposed by Margaret Sanger and carried out by Planned Parenthood is well underway, and the social turmoil created by their own ignorance and greed (with the exploitative help of white people, of course) makes them even more susceptible to the even more destructive policies promoted by the even unholier alliance of feminists and Black Lives Matter.  This is the “hard truth” that BBB want us to accept.  Her solution: even smarter white people like her (the conservatives) will renew the choices of these poor dumb, greedy and gullible black people.  By removing all of these destructive liberal programs, they will release black people from their bondage and dependency and free them to lead happy and productive lives in stable communities with strong nuclear families.

That about covers it, I think.  It’s a good story, perhaps more fit for a Hitler youth children’s book than real social analysis, but at least BBB is trying.  So props there.  But what are we to do with this “hard truth”?

First off, it would be unhelpful to call BBB “racist,” so let’s just get that off the table; the accusation goes nowhere.  A racist denigrates its subject.  A racist believes that those of the denigrated race get what they deserve simply by virtue of belonging to that race.  BBB clearly doesn’t believe that.  She likes black people.  She clearly wants what’s best for them.  So really, it’s hard to make an accusation like “racist” stick, right?  Anyway, BBB calls for better race relations, and what racist does that?

So back to this “hard truth.”  How are we to take it?  What should we do?

The Anus thinks it has a solution, one based on BBB’s thought provoking analysis.  As they exist now, blacks live under a semi-voluntary slavery perpetuated by exploitative white liberals who only want to decimate their communities so they can use them as pawns for maintaining their own political power.  Her analysis seems to imply its own solution to this problem:  treat them less like slaves or pawns and more like beloved pets.  The way the Anus sees it, her analysis implies, provocatively if not necessarily, that this is what we should do: that even smarter white people than the smart white liberals need to be put in power because these far smarter and far more virtuous white conservatives propose to feed these poor dumb black people a responsible diet of healthy social programs, ones that will help them promote their own interests despite themselves (this is what repealing no-fault divorce and deporting Mexicans is for).  Under the patronage of these far smarter white conservatives, black people can live happy and productive lives under our protection, instead of under the yoke of our vicious policies of decimation and population control.  The Anus thinks this could work, but he sees a potential problem.  He wonders what black people would think if we smarter white conservatives tip our hand and let them in on the “secret” (it’s not really a secret because the facts are out there, but let’s not nitpick; blacks are just dumber, so we can presume they don’t know it).  Anyway, what if these poor dumb black people realize they are being treated like pets, not like equals?   Will they protest?  Do pets ever protest when they are being treated well?  The Anus thinks the BBB has hit upon the solution here, and in so doing she exemplifies perhaps defining problem of our country right now, to wit: what should smarter people do with dumber people when morality requires that we let them live out their dumb little lives fortified with their dumb little views that could do real harm if they got ever their way?  He asks this last question sincerely after listening to BBB’s thought provoking “hard truth” analysis.  He really doesn’t know.

Perhaps in her next video BBB can address this.  How can we patronize black people for their own good without them realizing that they are being patronized, thus breaking apart the illusion of independence on which their happiness depends?   She should know because she lives under this umbrella herself.