Technology as Human Vocation: A Rejection of “The Question Concerning Technology”

This is the first draft of a work in progress on Heidegger and “the question concerning technology,” being an appraisal of his essay by that name.  It covers topics ranging from some main themes in Heidegger’s later thought to some questions concerning science and technology, both independently of the way Heidegger contextualizes them, and in a Heideggerian context.  This extended treatment (ideally unnecessary) can be read as a corrective to “The Question Concerning Technology,” taking up as it does the themes in that essay largely on their own terms, even as it provides a better appraisal of what those themes should represent outside the inherently distorting and ultimately useless Heideggerian context in which the occur.  As a first draft, many citations have yet to be completed, and surely many stylistic and editing errors remain.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.