Welcome to the Anal-lytic Philosopher’s home page.  On this site you’ll find the main series “The Anal-lytic Philosopher,” plus essays, reviews, and a blog on various topics, all with varying degrees formality, from the largely informal to the purely academic.  There is even a book in progress on Heidegger and technology, as though such a thing needs to be written (and the thesis of that book is that it does not).  There is even the The Anus’ old Master’s Thesis, also on Heidegger.  None of these projects appear in print anywhere else, and there is no ambition that they ever will.

As the preface to “The Anal-lytic Philosopher” indicates (see menu item “Anal-lytic”), most of these essays emerged out of trying to think through a concentrated and unifying theme in philosophy beginning with Descartes and ending in Merleau-Ponty.  But since then, the persona has taken on a life of its own, and The Anus has spread to other, perhaps more enduring interests.  Besides, in addition to the inherently self-fulfilling process of working out ideas, there is also a pleasant irony in writing from behind such a persona, and hopefully for you, the welcome reader, there is some appreciation of that, coupled with at least a sprinkling of satisfaction for your efforts (and dare it be hoped an iota of edification as well?!).

In any case, the headings on the main menu bar each come with an explanatory page placing the specific menu items in context, and only the blog follows the traditional sequential page format.   All the ideas on that blog and in the other posts on this site are free for the taking (just remember to be considerate).  Pdf versions are available upon request.

Happy reading!

The Anus